Moving in Lines: Mapping Affective Geometries (2023) — Site-specific multidisciplinary performance, approx. 33’

Direction, performance & production management - Florinda Camilleri
Live A/V, spatial sound design (8.2) & technical direction - Niels Plotard
Light design & technical assistance - Andrew Schembri
Production assistance - Sarah Chircop
by invitation of Fondazzjoni Patrimonju Malti as a satellite event for the ‘In Search of Line’ exhibition

Moving in Lines: Mapping Affective Geometries (2023) is a live-composition performance where, through dance, camera, sound, and light, the ballroom of the Casino Maltese in Valletta is mapped through unusual perspectives. The Euclidean qualities of the space are explored initially, emphasized by the use of a high intensity torch attached to the perfomer's body and a singular laser beam cutting through the central axis of the room. Focus then shifts to the staircases and the peripheries of the room, with a body-mounted camera steaming live capture of the performer's tactile dialogue with the space. Sound and light dance with the performer, immersing audiences within a fluid field of affective potential. The performer then studies a small section of the floorboards with her hands. Intimate details of touch are given centre stage, magnified on screens and projected onto the whole ceiling, subverting the scale of the room and temporarily dominating the space with more a subtle, gentle, intimate story.  The affective map is consolidated through a condensed rendition of the full journey, leaving the audiences with a multisensorial feast and possibly, a fresh outlook on this historical place. 

Lisa Attard